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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun Facts About Colombia

- Colombia is the only South American country that has coast on both oceans, Pacific and Atlantic. It has a total landmass of roughly 1,140,000 square kilometers, which is about 27 times the size of the Netherlands.

- Colombia has the world’s greatest diversity of orchid species (3,500) and birds (1,754 species). It ranks second in amphibians and third in reptile species. Out of the 14,000 species of butterfly in the world, about 3,000 of them, or 20%, are found in Colombia.

- 95% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia and is the first Latin American producer of gold, silver, coal and ferronickel.

- 12% of the world’s coffee is produced in Colombia.

- At the region of Chocó, located in the Pacific region, it rains approx 10.000 mm per year.

- Colombia’s literacy rate: 92.5%

- Colombia is the world’s third-leading producer of women’s lingerie.

- According to the New Economic Foundation Happy Planet Index, Colombia has the second happiest population of the World (Not sure whether this is related to lingerie production though!). Vanuatu Island (Pacific Ocean / Population: 209,000) is at number one in this ranking.

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  • Good wishes for your adventure! keep us updated and don’t forget--- loads of pictures please.

    Location: japan
    08/03/26 10:01 AM

    • Hey there beautiful people.

      Have the most brilliant and safe time away.  You will be blown away by the beauty of the land and the smiles and hearts of all the people you meet.  Safe travels always, M, Belle & Con

      Mavir Jimenez
      Location: Sydney
      08/03/26 10:08 AM

      • Thanks for the interesting facts on Colombia. Sounds like a very dynamic country.

        Have an amazing trip! I’m sure you will.

        (Note: Population of Vanuatu needs three 0’s adding 209 -> 209,000 wink

        Andrew Shuttleworth
        Location: Tokyo, Japan
        08/03/26 10:38 AM

        • Your honeymoon plan sounds very interesting and fun.
          I think I have told you before but Ivebeen to Colombia-Bogota to visit my friend 6 years ago. It have so many good memories from there.

          Hope you enjoy the long journey with Manuel!

          08/03/27 07:57 PM

          • Have a great time! Will look forward to hearing more about your adventures as the weeks progress. Bon Voyage!

            Location: Tokyo
            08/03/29 02:38 PM

            • Hey guys, enjoy this experience of a life time! I am sure you’ll have lots and lots to tell when you get back.  So have fun, relax, take care and take lots of pictures.  I’ll be thinking about you everyday...actually I’m jelous.

              Love & Kisses


              Ana Maria Arias
              Location: Cairns - Australia
              08/03/31 09:38 PM

              • A lot of things look great in Colombia !(and the other countries) For sure you will come back with great stories! We follow you both.
                Sending our love.

                Location: Noordwijkerhout
                08/04/02 06:47 PM

                • Hi Brechtje & Manuel,

                  Good to read some positive facts about Colombia, which is “only” in the news here (France) when anything happens around the (non-)release of FARC-hostages.

                  Have a great trip!
                  Que se vayan bien

                  Peter & Susan

                  BTW: Colombia’s not the only South-American country bordering on both the Atlantic and the Pacific: Chile (through their Isla Navarino, south of Tierra del Fiego) does as well; in fact, technically speaking, Colombia does not border on the Atlantic ocean, but on the Caribbean Sea ...

                  Location: French Pyrenees
                  08/04/06 05:19 AM

                  • rolleyes Well this as nothing to do about this site but, I used it for my report. This comment is a comment about the comments so YOU BETTER READ THIS! Where did all this stuff about honeymoons come from? I just read about colombia. When You say second HAPPIEST population, do you mean GAY or HOMOSEXUAL?

                    I’ve Always wanted to go to Japan no Tokyo Japan and I love Japanese people so when I saw some of those people write I was soooooooooo happy! not gay

                    Location: Salisbury, Maryland (USA)
                    09/04/17 10:35 PM

                    • another thing from me (kim) colombia doesnt hav coasts on both the atlantic and pacific! COLOMBIA HAS COASTS ON BOTH THE PACIFIC OCEAN AND CARIBBEAN SEA. If you dont believe me, LOOK AT A MAP!

                      luv kim

                      Location: Salisbury, Maryland (USA)
                      09/04/17 10:40 PM

                      • Thx 4 the facts!

                        09/06/29 05:35 AM

                        • You might forgot one fact that women in Columbia are very good looking smile. Thanks for sharing the fact.

                          09/07/09 07:34 PM

                          • don’t go colombia is a dangerous place....the terrorist there kidnaps americans.....some people may disagree with me but it’s not a safe place

                            09/09/21 05:50 AM

                            • really Linda? you are a really ignorant person if thats all you can think about Colombia. people are kidnapped and killed in the US too! The Local news in Houston are even worst than the National News in Colombia.

                              Location: Houston
                              09/11/09 03:39 AM

                              • colombia is tuley beautiful it is an amazing trip
                                and me well my whole family is from there
                                we might have our ups and downs with stuff but still everything is anamazing thing
                                the food the islands the family the smell of the food and the kids playing outside some even with family
                                most have to walk or ride a bus or have cars
                                but from some they would rather take the fresh air in
                                my family lives close to eachother all around
                                we are from cali colombia i was born here but all the family from there we have those things we can never let go but some things yuu hold forever and that is a life changing exprince yuu learn spanish and meet knew people
                                well thanks for listning i have lots more if yuuu wanna hear just let me know

                                Location: san diego california
                                09/12/09 10:45 AM

                                • x y z is for what in columbia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Location: ny
                                  10/06/17 09:38 PM

                                  • i always wanted to kno how columbia is and hows their population. i kno if i want to go traveling i kno my first stop is COLUMBIA!!!!!!!!

                                    Location: philadelphia
                                    10/10/09 01:48 AM

                                    • so cool

                                      Location: usa
                                      11/02/24 02:01 AM

                                      • i am so happy i bet a honey moon over there would be soo cool usa can be fun and so can colombia but spain is where you meet the cut guys i am so happy to have a spainin boyfrind diego

                                        Location: usa
                                        11/02/24 04:36 AM

                                        • cool hmm that is so wierd my ex was spainin and had the same name diego but he is so annoyng he has justin bieber hair but he is still nice but annoyin to me his girlfriend is my best friend and she is nicer than him

                                          Location: usa
                                          11/03/05 12:40 AM

                                          • smirk Thanks for the info good for school projects grin

                                            11/03/07 05:18 PM

                                            • rolleyes i know hi ali what you doing

                                              Location: usa
                                              11/03/08 04:27 AM

                                              • raspberry you wont awsnser ali

                                                Location: usa
                                                11/03/08 04:31 AM

                                                • LOLColombia iz so AWSOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  ASHLEY SHUFORD
                                                  Location: Usa
                                                  11/03/08 04:33 AM

                                                  • i am so sorry i cant see any thing u put

                                                    Location: usa
                                                    11/03/08 04:43 AM

                                                    • I vistied Colombia 2 years ago. I stopped at a gift shop. I had a shirt, magnet, and a coffee cup. The stuff added up to $6.78 and the lady checking the stuff out had a spas attack and told me to leave cause I was an American!!!

                                                      Location: USA
                                                      11/04/19 10:02 PM

                                                      • So true. I visited Colombia last year. I stopped at a cafe to get a coffee. The coffee added up to $2.37 and the waiter told me to leave I was an AMERICAN!!!!! Never go to Colombia if you are an American

                                                        Location: USA
                                                        11/04/21 09:17 PM

                                                        • niCE! iLIKE YOUR 7TH FACT!

                                                          Twisted Brains
                                                          Location: Cruise Deck LOL!
                                                          11/05/15 03:55 AM

                                                          • Sweet! I gota go there! hahaha the seventh fact makes me want to the most! u got tht right Twisted Brains!

                                                            Lova <3
                                                            11/05/15 03:57 AM

                                                            • Whoever signed with the alias “Timmy” = “Brenda”, you are a shame!  What you described in your post does not happen in Colombia. Please, grow up! Thanks

                                                              Location: USA
                                                              11/05/16 03:10 PM

                                                              • Linda you are a piece of shit.

                                                                Location: Bogotá
                                                                11/05/16 03:29 PM

                                                                • awesomeness rolleyes  snake  tongue wink

                                                                  Carlos Santa
                                                                  11/09/01 12:30 AM

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